Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 2- Sunday June 19th-Day 2 had a bit of a slow start because we were all a little tired from flying the day before. Plus, it was Sunday so a few members of our party had opted to take it easy and not go into the park until out dinner reservation at 4:45pm. Caleb and Cody chose to spend the whole day sleeping....I'll be honest, I was a tiny bit jealous! Well, around 10am Eric, Tiny, and I got up, got ready, and headed to Hollywood Studios with Ted and Marilyn.
I don't know if I've mentioned this but it was BALLS HOT! We were sweating from the second we stepped outside...there was really no hope for us. Anyway, so we got there and went straight for "Star Tours" to get fast passes. Star Tours had just re-opened a couple of weeks before, the redid it and made it all 3-D and awesome!

After that, we went and saw the Indiana Jones: Stunt Spectacular which is off the hizzy cool!

the Stunt Spectacular, Ted went back to the hotel to get Julie so she could be there for dinner. So Eric, Tiny, and I spend the rest of the afternoon with mom.

We waited in line FOREVER for the Narnia thing which was super lame! But we also went on the Great Movie Ride which was super nostalgic for mom and visually stimulating for Iz. Around 3 or 4 the family started showing up.

Caleb, Cody, and I wandered off and saw some storm troopers

and the rest of the family sat with Julie while she got a delicious snack from some cafe. (Also, Tiny practiced her pole dancing which was REALLY funny

..til she hit her head, then it was less funny but still cute).

Then we all headed to Hollywood and Vine for dinner!

It was a very yummy buffet style restaurant with lots of options (Good when traveling with a Tiny!). One of the reasons we decided to do dinner here is the have a Fantasmic and Dine package. This means if you make reservations at one of the selected restaurants during the required times you also get backdoor admission to Fantastic. We figured it was better to not wait in the huge line of people for Fantasmic and the food sounded really good, so it was win-win! After dinner, we headed straight for Fantasmic.

We got to walk up a ramp around the back and go in before everyone else did.
There was an amazing sunset as we were walking too!
We had decent seats even though we had to sit on the back row (because we had rented a scooter for mom...I don't think I had mentioned that...).

Anyway, Fantasmic was awesome and I was really impressed how well Tiny did. She LOVED the fireworks and wasn't scared at all! My tough little girl! After Fantasmic most everyone headed home. Eric, Tiny, Caleb, Cody and I stayed for a bit though. Cody and Caleb watched Tiny for us

while we rode Star Tours, Tower of Terror, and Aerosmith and also walked through the big Star Wars souvenir tent that was set up for the end of Star Wars Weekend.

Then we all headed home for sleep after an awesome first day in Hollywood Studios!!

Monday-Hollywood studios, lunch at Sci-Fi dine in, Disney Jr. onstage, baby care center, Eric sick, Tower of Terror, dinner at 50's Prime time, swimming, palm tree
Monday brought the first full day we all spent in the park together! It was awesome! Eric and I slept in with Tiny while everyone else headed to the park early. We met them at 11 for our lunch reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine-In. This restaurant was one of Eric's favorites from our honeymoon. The family wasn't crazy about it (I think because it was so dark and we couldn't all sit together) but it remains a favorite of mine! It is just what it sounds like, a restaurant made to look like an old drive-in that plays cheesy 50's Sci-Fi movies! Its awesome! The food is decent, not the best Disney has to offer but it's not Hot Dog's either. I had a yummy shrimp pasta dish that Izzy helped me eat and Eric had some sort of ridiculous burger. After lunch the group wanted to do the Backlot Tour. Eric wasn't feeling great so he stayed out with Izzy drinking water (he even bought a water bottle fan...did I mention it was hot???). Naturally I went because I love when the earthquake happens and all the water comes splashing down! The rest of the backlot tour is 'meh' but I really do like that part. After we got out of the Backlot Tour the family was headed for Lights, Motor, Action which I LOVE but Eric still wasn't feeling well and wanted to do something a little more calm so we took Tiny to Disney Jr. Onstage. It was actually pretty cute, Tiny wasn't as in to it as I would've liked but she had fun dancing along with the songs. I think a year or so from now she'd really enjoy it! (THIS IS VERY FUNNY TO READ NOW, A YEAR LATER! IT'S TRUE, IZZY WOULD BE CRAZY ABOUT THAT NOW!) After Disney Jr. Eric was actually dying, or he felt like he was anyway. We escaped to the Baby Care Center (My favorite Baby Care was this one in Hollywood Studios by the way) because Tiny was in need of a change but mostly because the Baby Care Centers are air conditioned! Sitting in the dark air conditioned room didn't help Eric so he decided he was going to go to the hotel and try to make it back in time for our dinner reservation. I was kind of freaking out about about taking care of Izzy in this crowded park but it would've been worse to have him there being miserable! Luckily the family was willing to help me out
Tuesday-Magic Kingdom, breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table, hanging with Caleb and Cody, why the mean grass, cody nap, Rainy, dinner at Ohana (bread pudding), Fireworks and awesome castle show (link), baby throws up.
Wednesday-Animal Kingdom, breakfast at Tusker House, waiting for Safari, rain, Nemo and Lion King, Jeff, Lunch at Yak and Yeti (coconut curry seafood deliciousness) where Caleb ruined Christmas, Everest, 5 times on River rapids, dinner at Boma (hot chocolate), SLEEP
Thursday-Blizzard beach, baby pool, pretzel dog, cool family slide, Caleb forgets, dinner at Narcoossee's AMAZING, Isabelle screams for boys
Friday-Epcot, Capt. EO, Imagination, lunch at Biergarten, Segway, Characters, Norway, dinner at Akershus, Mission: Space, rain rain rain
Saturday- Running around like mad people, check out, downtown disney, almost missing bus, running, airport, flight home not as good, finally home!

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